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Making Reservations Online: You can make reservations for any hotel simply by clicking on the booking icon on any property page. The booking service enables you to make, cancel or amend reservations to accommodate your hotel room needs via a third party hotel room provider. When making your reservation online, the third party hotel room provider will provide you with an instant confirmation. The third party hotel room provider will further verify your reservation with an e-mail confirmation. When making reservations online, the third party hotel room provider requires credit card details at the time of the reservation request to process the reservation.

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Ocean Club Media Ltd offers to any users of the internet, the ability to search, enquire and book hotel rooms at a range of hotels across the World. All services and links on Ocean Club Media Ltd web sites, unless indicated as being operated by Ocean Club Media Ltd, are offered by third parties and as such are subject to the terms and conditions of those third parties. All third parties will be identified at the time of any transaction. The use of a credit card or other debit device or the creation of any liability or obligation in connection with the access to or use of the site or the services offered by a third party is at the user's sole risk. By proceeding to access this site the visitor hereby acknowledges and agrees to the terms of usage set forth and assumes all risk of such usage and hereby waives any and all liabilities and damages which may arise out of or is in any way connected with user's access to or use. In the event you do not agree to the above and foregoing terms of usage, you are not authorized to access or use the information and you must exit from this site.

Prepaying & Guaranteeing Hotel Reservations: Some hotels will require the reservation to be prepaid during high occupancy periods or when specific properties have this requirement. Other properties will require a credit card number to secure or hold your reservation. If you are unable to cancel the reservation within the time requirements stated in the hotel's cancellation policy or the third party hotel room provider's cancellation policy (stated on their rate pages), some hotels or the third party hotel room provider may apply a cancellation charge. Be sure to cancel the reservation promptly if your travel plans change to avoid unnecessary charges.

Hotel Information : Some of the property Web pages are dynamically created at the time of the request. This ensures you are viewing the most current information available from the property the instant they change information in our database.

Hotel Availability: All hotels that are displayed on Ocean Club Media Ltd Web sites can be reserved at the time of a reservation request unless the hotel has indicated they are not available for a specific date.

Hotel Page Content: The information relating to the hotel's facilities and general accommodation, featured on Ocean Club Media Ltd Web sites has been provided to us by the third party hotel room provider. It is possible that, due to building or management alterations, some services or facilities could differ. Ocean Club Media Ltd, the third party hotel room provider, nor the individual hotels are not responsible for these differences.

Service Levels of Member Hotels: Ocean Club Media Ltd does not own the individual properties and is not a tour operator, and thus is not liable for the service performance of individual hotels.

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